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Toucan Broadband
13.99 per month - Unlimited Speed 512k
14.99 per month - Unlimited Speed 8MB
Free connection and modem
Free national calls every weekend
Free 90-Day trial of Antivirus with Privacy + Parental Controls
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Internet Services by Touca

Touca is an Internet and straight-talking converged communications provider in the United Kingdom . They provide integrated broadband, fixed-line and mobile services. Touca forms part of the Pipex Group, the UK 's first commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP). Pipex has been in the market for more than a decade and has attracted over a million customers and provided proven communications services and emerging technologies to the customers. Touca is also said to be committed to bring the same standard of service by offering integrated telecommunications and internet solutions including broadband, voice, domain name registrations and hosting services. .

Services offered by Touca

Telephone Services

The company provides two types of telephone services, 'Pay as you go' and 'All inclusive'. As part of 'Pay as you go' plan two offers are provided.

Pay as you go: This service has two plans. The first plan is '2-for-all' where the customers have the facility to have unlimited free calls during evenings and weekends to land lines with in United Kingdom . Low call rates are charged during day time. The second plan is the 'saver plan'. In this plan the customer has to pay for the first 60 calls one rate and to subsequent calls at a reduced rate. All Calls from Touca to Touca lines are free.

All Inclusive: This service also provides two plans, 'All you can' and 'All You Can off Peak'. Unlimited free calls to any land line with in UK during the day and night are provided in the 'All you can' plan. The user needs to pay a fixed monthly charge. The 'All You Can Off Peak' plan provides unlimited free calls only during Off Peak hours (evenings and week ends). However Touca to Touca calls are free.

Combined Internet and Telephone Services

The customer can select either 512K or 8MB speeds offered by the

  1. They can also select any one of the phone call plans discussed above. The charges vary according to the plans selected plus a fixed line rental.

The following benefits are available to the customers who opt for 512 K broadband service:

Faster internet broadband service with included modem. Easy installation and FREE 90-Day trial Anti-Virus, firewall, and parental control Software. The line rental is comparable to the lowest advertised UK price( at present L8.99)

Other benefits are ?25MB Web space and provision for online account management. The Email features include ?5 POP3 email addresses, Web mail account, auto-forwarding and auto-responder

The following benefits are available with 8Mb Plan: The Internet access is up to 160x faster than dial-up. Modem is included with tie plan and enables easy installation. ?FREE 90-Day trial Anti-Virus, firewall, and parental control software are provided. The line rental is said to be equalling the lowest advertised UK price (At present it is L8.99)

Other benefits are ?25MB Web space and provision for online account management. The Email features include ?5 POP3 email addresses, Web mail account, auto-forwarding and auto-responder

The Fair Usage Policy is applicable.The company does not apply any formal limits to the amount of data you up/download with Touca Surf broadband. However, The company may restrict heavy users by, for example prioritising traffic from light users during peak periods according to 'Fair Usage Policy'.

Mobile Phone Services

The customers can use the free units offered for talking , sending Text or combination of both talking and sending text messages. A variety of mobile cell models are offered by the company for selection. Sims cards and hand sets are supplied by the company. While accepting the Touca services, the company allows the user to retain the existing mobile number. Calls to selected international destinations are included in call plans.

Contact Information

Postal address:

PO Box 62609
London EC1P 1HR

Sales Contact Information:

Telephone No: : 0800 0613 612

Fax: 0800 0613 614


Customer Service Information:

Telephone from landline: 0800 0613 615

Telephone from mobile: 0845 613 6153(Free call for Touca Mobile customers).

Fax: 0845 613 6151


Technical Support Information:

Support timing : 8AM to Midnight ( All 7 days of a week)

From a landline

Existing ToucaTalk customers can simply dial 184 174 from any ToucaTalk landline

ToucaSurf customers who aren't with ToucaTalk: may dial 09053220000 (new number)

ToucaSurf Technical Support from a ToucaTalk landline will be charged at 30p/min (incl VAT).


Touch Mobile Handset Technical Support:

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturdays 10am-6pm

Telephone No: 0870 460 7038(Calls to this number are charged).


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