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Eclipes Internet is an Internet service provider offering ADSL and Dialup connections to the UK homes and SDSL service and a Leased Line services in the business market. The company is a part of KCOM Group who provide telecommunication services throughout UK. The activities of Eclipes Internet are controlled by Kingston Communications who also form part of the of KCOM Group. Kingston Communications are supporting small to medium-sized businesses through its KC, Eclipes Mistral brands.

Registered Office:
37 Carr Lane
Registered Number: 2156018

History of Eclipes Internet
The company was started during 1995 as a south west Internet Service Provider utilising a dialup number 0845. Eclipes launched its first broadband service in 200 based on BT’s AFDSL service. The company was purchased by Kingston Communications during 2004 Eclipes started a combined digital television, telephone and broadband service during the year 2005..

Broadband services
Residential Services:
Eclipes offers a limited download service known as home broadband service and an Evolution Broadband Service

Home broadband service: Four options are offered under this plan. Option 1 has a down load limit of 2GB while Option 2 ,3 and 4 have download limits of 10GB, 20GB and 40 GB respectively. The option 4 is for wireless users and a free wireless router is provided to the new user.

Evolution Broadband: This service has unlimited download provision This plan also has four options as in the case of Home broadband service. The Evolution Broadband users are governed by the Fair Usage Policy. According to this larger downloads are restricted during peak hours. The user who has a constant demand for downloading extremely large files should plan for downloading a portion of the download during non peak hours.

Business broadband service
Four options are offered under the business plan.
Teleworker, option 1,option 2 and option 3.
The Teleworker has a limited download of 3GB while the other options have unlimited download facility. However the Business Usage Policy applies to all options.
The new customers are offered with a free Internet service for one month.
Other benefits for Eclipes’s Customers:
Excellent customer service.
Freedom to move between different options,
Free Emails and web space are also provided as part of the plan.
All the customers of home plans are offered unlimited phone service at low fixed rates. The business users also have limited free telephone service.

The company has received a lot of awards in recognition of its services during the past few years.

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