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BT’s Broadband Service in UK Touches New Milestone
As per the latest news the customer base of BT broadband has touched a new height of four million customers mark. It is observed that this is certainly an achievement in the present competitive market. According to an observation by BT, more than 75% of the broadband connections in UK run on BT’s [...]
Virgin Media loses customers
UK cable operator Virgin Media stated that the company lost some 70,300 customers in the second quarter, largely due to its on-going spat with arch rival British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB). A channel agreement between Virgin Media and BSkyB to keep non-premium Sky channels ended at midnight on 1 March 2007. Virgin Media and Sky failed to [...]
Tiscali close to buying a Pipex customers
Pipex is closing a £210m deal to sell its broadband customers to Tiscalli, according to press reports. Timesonline reports that the group has agreed to sell Pipex’s business and residential customers to Tiscalli. Pipex has around 1 million of customers so this deal will strengthem Tiscalli position in the UK. Tiscalli has tried to bought off the [...]
British Broadband- up to 17 times more expensive than elsewhere in Europe
According to a recent research, done by MoneySupermarket, British broadband is too slow and too expensive comparing to its European neighbours. The cheapest broadband is in Sweden where people pay as little as £0.32, whereas in Britain it is £5.60. The figures represent an average monthly payment for each megabit per second (Mbps) of broadband [...]
Tiscalli TV expanding
Sky TV network is going to provide channels to Tiscali TV with the same content as Virgin Media got recently The Sky channels include - Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Three, Sky Arts, Sky Travel, Sky News and Sky Sports News. This is very good news for Tiscalli customer who will now be able to watch [...]
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